Our Scope of Services and Products

Safety Gears & PPE

Our Company stand out of the crowd as the only locally owned company that stock all ranges of High-Quality Safety Products.


Uniforms Stitching / Garments (specializing in security uniforms, work wears, safety clothes etc)


Printing, Digital Embroidery and Engraving Services – this offers support service for our uniforms department and takes outside orders too, generally Promotional related.


Safety Boots & Leather Products

Direct Sole Injection on Leather Products through a Semi-automatic and Handmade manufacturing process of Boots, Shoes, Belts and other related Leather products.

Recycling Industry

We manufacture palatized granules, Tubing, Sheeting, Garbage Bags, Bio-Medical colour coded Waste bags for hospitals, Food Vacuum Bags and other forms of bags. Our Process promotes environmental protection and conservation through re-use of plastics waste.

Tents and Tarpaulins

which makes for both transporters, Logistics, Forces, Camping, Food Reserve storage solutions, Celebration’s clientele. The department is equipped with High frequency PVC welding applications and Metal fabrications machines. environmental protection and conservation through re-use of plastics waste.

MSA Products and Services Center

This is first of its kind in Tanzania where we have in-house facilities for calibrations of Multi-Gas Detectors, SAR etc all done by local trained experts with backup support of our channel partner MSA around the World.